Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Phoenix AZ Shakuhachi Friends Have a New Gathering Place

The Phoenix AZ shakuhachi friends have a new gathering place. We will be meeting in a space located in the Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place, also known as SNAP. If you'd like, check out their web site .

Since 2007, Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place classes have included Yoga, Tai Chi, Swing Dance, Zumba, Belly Dance Basics, Calligraphy, Cards for the Season, The Art of Writing Poetry, Everyday Gifts, Communication 101, Private Music Lessons and "Music on Mondays" for adult amateur chamber musicians. SNAP was the 2010-11 studio home of Natium World Dance with troupe leader K-Lee.

Summer Youth Camps have included Trapeze Camp, Art Camp, MBL Performing Arts Program Camp, and Camp Jam.

In addition to classes and camps, SNAP has sponsored many special events.

All of this will and their location being closer to central Phoenix will help our shakuhachi group to grow and offers us a venue to showcase our music. The space also let's us host shakuhachi concerts and workshops.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ipad Zen Brush Shakuhachi Notation Images

Hello All,

I’ve been working with a program on my ipad called Zen Brush. Very cool program and I created these shakuhachi notation characters with it. Little by little I plan on doing a whole set of Kinko notation characters.  More to come…….

Ro  Tus-meri


Tsu   Ray 


Chi  Re

Thursday, September 1, 2011

About our August Shakuhachi Gathering

four_Shakuhachi_flutesAlong with the 2 people from our Meetup group there were also 3 others who were going to attend and several  maybes. We ended up with 4 players and had a great time. We used the Honkyoku piece Choshi to talk about reading notation, fingering and styles/schools of shakuhachi playing. We also talked about types of shakuhachi flutes. My wife even made us a Asian noodle salad for lunch. Great time!

Our next gathering will be on the 24th of September. Hoping to see a few more new faces!